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Karen West, LMT Owner and Certified Practioner of Stretch Therapy at Head2Toe BodyStretch in and near the Buffalo Niagara Region

INfo & FAQ

By Appointment Only

Stretch and Massage Integrated Stretch appointments offered daily

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Massage Therapy:  Mon-Thursday 9-4

Please text or call 716-864-9628 for Massage-only Services as we are scaling this part of the business down to focus on Stretch Services.​  

Karen West 
LMT, Certified Stretch service provider and owner

Karen West, LMT Owner and Certified Practioner of Stretch Therapy at Head2Toe BodyStretch in and near the Buffalo Niagara Region

Stretch Smarter,
not harder.

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Process & Office Policies

Please arrive 15 min prior to the appointment
​(late appts will affect your session time)

No Show AND same day cancellation, client is responsible for 100% of service fee
Clients are responsible for 50% of the session price w/less than 24 hours if session cannot be filled.

card on file will be billed at time of session
Please call the office for emergency-related issues

Please wear clean, concealing comfortable clothing.

We accept: Cash, Check, Venmo, Credit Cards, IH Flex card, HSA, Medicare

Insurance cards cannot be used to purchase Gift Certificates, transferred to others and must be used on date of service.

Please click the button below to print and complete the intake form before the visit.



Frequently asked Questions about Stretch Therapy services

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1. What is assisted Stretch Therapy?   

  Assisted Stretch Therapy (AST) is a specialized form of stretching aimed at improving muscle pliability, flexibility, mobility, and to reduce muscle tension through a combination of stretching techniques, facilitated by a trained therapist.  With the INTEGRATED Massage we use different techniques to help with tight and restricted muscle

2. How does ASsisted stretch therapy work?
   AST involves a series of  stretches and exercises that target specific muscle groups. It is done with a trained therapist's guidance to ensure safe and effective stretching.  Stretches are held longer by the therapist while client is in a relaxed and passive state.

3. What are the benefits of assisted Stretch Therapy?

  AST helps improve athletic performance, flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, enhance joint mobility, alleviate muscle tension, promotes relaxation and stress relief.

4 Is assisted Stretch Therapy suitable for everyone?
   Stretch Therapy is tailored to individual needs and limitations, making it suitable for most people. However, it's essential to consult with a qualified therapist to assess your specific requirements and any contraindications.

5. What is Guided Stretch therapy?
   Guided Stretch therapy involves a trained professional guiding you through a warm up & a series of stretches to enhance your mobility, pliability & flexibility.  Many client use this service as an add on to their AST regimen. (one on one or small group setting)

6. Are there any risks associated with Stretch Therapy or Guided Stretch therapy?
  When performed by a trained and experienced therapist, Assisted Stretch Therapy and Guided Stretch Therapy are generally safe. However, improper stretching or overstretching can lead to injuries, so it's crucial to work with a qualified and certified practitioner.

7. How often should I do assisted Stretch Therapy or Guided Stretch ?   

 The frequency of sessions can vary depending on individual goals and needs. Many people benefit from regular sessions, which can range from once a week to a few times a month. A customized program is different for every client.

8. Can Assisted Stretch Therapy help with pain relief and injury recovery?
   Yes, AST can assist with pain relief and injury recovery by improving circulation, reducing muscle tension, and promoting healing. It is often used as part of athletic recovery and a rehabilitation program.

9. What is Pliability Stretch Therapy?
   Pliability Stretch Therapy is a specific technique that focuses on creating pliability in muscles and connective tissues. It aims to increase the pliability of a muscle, increase flexibility, reduce stiffness, and enhance tissue resilience. Many athletes use this form of therapy as part of their conditioning program.

10. How can I find a qualified Stretch Therapy or Guided Stretch Services practitioner near me?
   You can find qualified practitioners by searching online directories, asking for recommendations from your healthcare provider, or contacting local wellness centers or fitness studios that offer these services. Ensure the practitioner is certified and has relevant experience. Most Chain Massage studios do NOT have Certified Stretch service providers, and this could be unsafe. 

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What to expect at your 1st session

We start with a 75-minute Flex IQ assessment to learn the state of your body and the work it needs. Longer than the usual session, we will explore and experiment to reveal your mobility & flexibility needs, any areas of tension, determine muscle imbalances, and design a stretch program unique to your needs. We will also allocate time to stretch key areas that need immediate attention.

75-minute Flex IQ entails - Verbal Assessment/Practical Evaluation/Visual Assessment- Warm up/ time left for focused mini stretch.

Wear loose "comfortably concealing" clothing, such as leggings or sweatpants suitable for Yoga or a Gym class.

How to prepare: There is a warm-up included in the session(s), hydrate with water before and after your sessions. 

New Clients must bring their completed intake form with them.  Please click the button below to download, print and fill out. 

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 Flex Iq evaluation Is Recommended for first session

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Example of a Flex IQ Evaluations

Here is an example of the evaluation form used for your Flex IQ session(s). Tap the image to expand it. This is a great baseline to measure your progress over multiple sessions. 

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Health Benefits of Stretch Therapy

Helps Manage Stress
Improved posture & core strength
Reduces Anxiety
Increases Athletic Performance
Increased ROM of a Joint
Increased flexibility, mobility, pliability
Improves sleep

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