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WHAT TO EXPECT- Please see information at bottom of page for 1st time clients

Stretch sessions are offered daily,  Massage Therapy services and/or Integrated Stretch Therapy is offered Tuesday-Thursday. (see online booking for a range of sessions and pricing.)  Please call if you do not see availability online. Limited availability for Massage Therapy only.

With Assisted Body Stretch, loose comfortable clothing is ideal for optimal comfort and range of motion. Please either wear or bring clothes to change into.

At Head2toe you work one on one with an experienced therapist who has knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and stretching techniques. One who will take you through a thorough routine of stretches, personalized for your particular needs. During some stretches, you will be encouraged to completely relax your limbs and let gravity take over and simply focus on your breathe.  For other stretches, you may be asked to engage by moving the body into position which allows the therapist to evaluate your Range of Motion (ROM) and work the muscles with constant communication and feedback to ensure the maximum benefits.  Some discomfort happens with a stretch but never to the point of pain. Stretches can be performed either on floor mat or the massage  table, sometimes using foam rollers and other tools to reach the type of stretch your body needs. All assisted stretch sessions are customizable to you so whether you need a full body stretch or an extremity focused stretch, we are here for you.  Compliment with a Massage Therapy and the benefits truly maximize your experience. 

We are located on Niagara Falls Boulevard minutes away from The Wurlitzer Building. 


Assisted Stretching can benefit EVERYONE and will improve not just physically but your mental state as well.  Reduce stress, sleep better, more clarity & improved mood, better focus & reduce anxiety.


Physical Benefits include but not limited to: improved posture, increased mobility, elongates and lengthens the muscles increasing flexibility and strength.  Reduces the risk of injury, counteracts the effects of aging, eases pain associated with tightness and tension, increases circulation and blood flow to muscles, surrounding tissue, reduces stress and chronic pain.  For myself it has enhanced my daily living activity by seeing a stretch therapist regularly. 


 Arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to scheduled appointment , to review medical intake form, use facilities, review any questions or concerns. 15 min or later after scheduled time will need to be re-scheduled for later date but client is responsible for payment for late or missed appointment.  


Cancellation Policy - requires minimum 24 hour notice., no refunds for no show or less than 24 hour notice, otherwise subject to 50% service fee. 100% for no show  (as we know emergencies do arise (family, health, weather) please be mindful of this and plan as best you can. Notify office asap in these cases.


Payments Accepted -  Credit card needed for Online booking, Cash, Check, Venmo are accepted at time of service as well as Independent Health FLEX CARDS  (which can only be used on date of service, NO GC available for sale or transfer to others) 


Prior to your appointment, please print and fill out the forms attached to the button below. Doing so will save time during your appointment.

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