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what is stretch therapy?

Welcome to Head2Toe Bodystretch and Massage LLC.

Karen West is one of the few certified stretch therapy specialists in WNY.

With years of LMT experience and practice, Karen's focus has centered on stretch therapy. 

We Focus on Two main types of stretch therapy.

Assisted Stretch Therapy: This is a passive stretch where the therapist stretches your body for you while you use your breath to deepen the stretch. This is done on either massage table or mat.

Guided Stretch Therapy: This is an active stretching method where you work with the therapist on a mat. While guided through a stretch routine either in group settings or one-on-one, to optimize your personal goals while learning stretches, you can continue on your own at home or the gym.  Have an event or need a therapist to work with your company for stretch classes please call for more info.

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"Pliability" means to bend freely

Photo Credits: JMB Productions in partnership with SP MarKeting

About Karen West, LMT

 At Head2toe Bodystretch & Massage LLC, we believe integrating the Pliability Stretching technique into your routine will not only help you move better but allow your body to feel better overall. With over 25 years in the wellness field, Karen is passionate about whole-body wellness.

 After a serious car accident at 24, she learned how to heal her body gradually through strength training, massage, chiropractic, stretch therapy, and nutrition. Patience and perseverance have led to being able to do the activities she enjoys doing without the pain.

  • Graduate of the Austin School of Massage - 1992

  • New York Institute of Massage - 2002

  • Nationally Board Certified as of 2005

  • Stretch Coach Institute Certified - 2022 

  • Pliability Stretch Certified - 2023

  • Consistently receives  NYS Continuing Education credits.  


 Assisted or Guided Stretching can benefit EVERYONE. In order to reap the benefits of Stretch Therapy consistency is key.


  • If you want to move freely without pain and restrictions 

  • If you are an athlete and want to improve your mobility, endurance, and recovery.

  • If you are just sore from everyday, repetitive movements, due to occupational or fitness routines 

  • If you are interested in self-care, mindfulness, and being centered 

Karen West. LMT Owner and Certified Practioner of of Stretch Therapy at Head2Toe BodyStretch in and near the Buffalo Niagara Region

Karen West, LMT




“Simply the best! Make an appointment, you won't regret it!"

-Lisa O

"Assisted Stretching feels amazing! It takes what a good stretch will do to another level and helps stretch areas that are hard to get on your own. Karen does a great job at assessing your flexibility and working within your body's abilities.  Everyone can benefit from stretching. I highly recommend"

- Lynn B


Video Credit: JMB Productions in partnership with SP Marketing

Mon/tue 9-5
Wed 9-7
thu/fri 9-4

             716-864-9628 for massage only services please call or text          (no online booking)

Stretch Crew class on hold as of 4/1/24

2728 Niagara Falls Blvd, Wheatfield, NY 14304

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