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Integrated Stretch Therapy using the Pliability Stretch method is our main focus at

Head2toe Bodystretch & Massage. 

Athletic Recovery, repetitive movement with job-related (injury), stress, or just the constant demands of our daily lives can cause our bodies to not move correctly or move with pain. 


 At Head2toe Bodystretch you will have a Flex IQ (total body assessment/medical intake/warm-up) before a customized plan for each client is developed. 


I would be honored to take this journey with you and let me show you how your muscles being pliable for movement is far better than being flexible.

*Please Review the Info & FAQ page prior to booking online

to have a better understanding of what to expect for your session.

Assisted Integrated Stretch Therapy is offered daily  M-F 

Please text or call for Massage Therapy Sessions (limited availability)

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